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Earn your PhD in Nursing from the leader in graduate nursing education.¹

Whether you want to influence policy or shape the next generation of nurses, earning your PhD in Nursing from Walden can empower you to impact the healthcare industry at a higher level. Find your voice, and gain the confidence you need to turn your knowledge, experience, and ideas into action.

The PhD in Nursing is the highest-level graduate degree in the nursing field. It’s geared toward those who wish to teach in academia or contribute original new research to the profession.

Why Choose Walden?

Learn From a Leader

Prepare with confidence when you earn your online PhD in Nursing from Walden, the leader in doctoral nursing education.1

Begin With a BSN

We offer two pathways to a PhD in Nursing. Whether you hold a BSN or an MSN, you can start your journey toward your doctorate.

Follow Your Passion

In our online PhD program in nursing, you have the flexibility to focus your coursework and learning in your chosen area of expertise.

Impact Lives and Communities

Walden’s PhD in Nursing curriculum is designed to help you become a catalyst for social change in your organization and community.

Program Savings

Speak with an Enrollment Specialist to learn about our current tuition savings.

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Bridge Option for Students With a DNP

Walden offers students who hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree a shorter path to a PhD in Nursing.

Nursing Education

Build the critical skills in nursing instruction you need to design relevant and innovative nursing curricula and programs.

Healthcare Administration

Enhance your studies with a focus on topics related to healthcare administration leadership, strategic planning, and public policy.

Interdisciplinary Health

Design an interdisciplinary focus area that reflects your professional goals and interests and broadens your perspective.


Improve your ability to drive meaningful change by focusing on critical leadership knowledge for the healthcare field.

Population Health

Develop advanced population health nursing skills in community-based assessment, program planning, interventions, and outcomes.

Program Details

Learning Tracks

We have a path to success for every level in your nursing career.

The Bridge Option offers students who hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree a shorter path to a PhD in Nursing.

The BSN to PhD track is ideal if you are a registered nurse (RN) and have earned your bachelor’s in nursing degree.

The MSN to PhD track is ideal if you are a registered nurse (RN) and have earned your master’s in nursing degree.

Kristina McCall

I love to teach, and getting my PhD in Nursing has helped me become a better teacher for my students

Kristina McCall ’18 PhD in Nursing Graduate

Admission Requirements

Program Admission Considerations (BSN-PhD): To be considered for this doctoral program track, you must have a current, active RN license, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or equivalent from an accredited school, and meet the general admission requirements.

Program Admission Considerations (MSN-PhD): To be considered for this doctoral program track, you must have a current, active RN license, a Master of Science in Nursing or higher from an accredited school, and meet the general admission requirements.

General Admission Requirements:Completed online application and transcripts. More information for international applicants.

A Personalized Guide to Completing Your Doctorate

Earning your online PhD in Nursing requires commitment, perseverance, and hard work. You can do it, and Walden is here to help—with our Doctoral Degree Coach™.

  • Map and Track Milestones: Break your research down into manageable, sequential steps. See where you are, what’s ahead, and what you’ve already accomplished—all in one place.
  • Meet Weekly Targets: No more guesswork. Set prompts based on your to-do list and receive reminders and updates directly to your inbox.
  • Connect With Faculty: Stay on the same page and keep your progress on track. With shared access to your dashboard, your chair can easily guide you through your checklists, goals, and timelines.
  • Access Helpful Resources: Quickly find support from the right person at the right time. Our comprehensive resource guide points you in the right direction—no more frustrating searches.

Your Doctoral Journey

At Walden, we’ll guide you every step of the way with a comprehensive suite of support resources designed to help you confidently pursue the finish line, including our Doctoral Degree CoachTM. Are you ready to reach a higher level in your field?

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Program Outcomes

Lead Nursing Into the Future

Drive continuous improvements in nursing science, education, or practice with a PhD in Nursing online from Walden. Gain the expertise to conduct research and develop healthcare policies, systems, and services for tomorrow’s nursing professionals. By earning your PhD at Walden, a pioneer in distance learning, you will benefit from our 50 years of experience educating doctoral students.

Career Outlook

Demand for nursing faculty is high. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for postsecondary nurse instructors are expected to grow by 22% through 2030.2 The nursing field needs educators, leaders, and innovators who are committed to transforming the profession.

An online PhD in Nursing degree can empower you to reach your full potential as a nursing professional and impact the lives of many. Pursue meaningful work that makes a difference while opening the door to new paths and opportunities in your career.

Nurse educators are in demand, with jobs expected to grow by


through 2030.2

An online nursing PhD program can academically prepare you to pursue a variety of career options, including:

  • Nursing instructor or teacher in postsecondary education settings2
  • Nurse scientist3
  • Nursing executive (e.g., chief nursing officer, clinical director, nursing manager, nursing director)4, 5

Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program.

An online nursing PhD program can academically prepare you to work in settings such as:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Public health agencies
  • Research institutions
  • Healthcare organizations

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this online PhD in Nursing program will be prepared to:

  • Utilize current research and theory to develop prevention and intervention strategies that advance the knowledge and practice of nursing.
  • Demonstrate advanced competency in research design and methodology to address social problems and needs.
  • Engage in scientific inquiry that advances the knowledge base of research and practice in the profession.
  • Evaluate the role of research and scholarship in the field of nursing in relation to its role in improving health interventions and advancing the development of related theory.
  • Synthesize nursing’s philosophical and/or theoretical underpinnings in the practice of research.
  • Contribute to the science of nursing through social change and social policy initiatives.
  • Apply ethical decision-making and values to the profession.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that improve health outcomes among culturally diverse populations.
  • Lead professional communication that supports the discipline and practice of nursing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to act as a role model and mentor to others who wish to pursue the profession.


Meet Your PhD in Nursing Academic Team

  • Nancy Moss

    Program Director

    With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Moss is a certified nurse-midwife and family nurse practitioner (FNP). With deep expertise in online learning, she has developed and implemented curricula for various nursing programs, including a university nurse-midwifery program and nurse-midwifery practices for rural communities.

  • Leslie Hussey

    Academic Coordinator

    Dr. Hussey served as a tenured faculty member at several universities, with a teaching and clinical focus on intensive care nursing. She has experience developing and implementing MSN-level practitioner and doctoral program curriculum. Her research interests include chronic disease and health literacy.

  • Joan Hahn

    Academic Coordinator

    Dr. Hahn’s body of research has led to the development of a health assessment tool for people with intellectual disabilities. She is known as a longtime proponent for addressing the gap in nursing education regarding people with intellectual and other disabilities.


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