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Choosing the PhD in Public Health Specialization That's Right for You

Public health degree programs are a great career choice for those who wish to make significant contributions in advancing wellness both globally and locally. Like many doctoral degree programs, a PhD in Public Health will give you the opportunity to conduct research, implement much-needed programs, and develop policies to improve the health of our communities.

Walden University offers online graduate degree programs for working professionals, and among their most popular online PhD programs is the PhD in Public Health. Students enrolled in this doctoral degree program choose from two specializations—Community Health Education and Epidemiology.

Choosing the PhD in Public Health Specialization That's Right for You

The Community Health Education specialization addresses how to assess and improve the well-being of communities and public health systems. Students learn how to analyze a community’s overall health by examining the quality of living conditions and available health resources. The goal is to develop programs that can help communities and individuals become healthier.

A few of the online learning courses you will take when you choose the Community Health Education specialization as part of this PhD degree program include:

  • Community Health Assessment
  • Advanced Program Implementation and Evaluation
  • Application of Public Health and Behavior Change Theories

Those choosing to specialize in Community Health Education will conduct a community health research study designed to contribute new knowledge to the field of public health to address that community’s needs.

Students choosing the Epidemiology specialization will focus on infectious and chronic diseases that can devastate entire communities. Students in the Epidemiology specialization explore how diseases affect populations and develop strategies for maintaining community health. A few of the online learning courses you will take with a specialization in Epidemiology include:

  • Advanced Biostatistics
  • Advanced Epidemiology Methods
  • Epidemiology Topics Seminar
  • Advanced Analysis of Secondary Data

Those choosing this specialization will conduct their own original research by selecting a topic of their choice that contributes new knowledge to the field of epidemiology.

If you’re interested in earning your PhD in Public Health from Walden University, be sure to choose the specialization that best suits your personal and career goals. Doing so will help give you the knowledge and skills necessary to better promote positive social change in communities around the world.