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Be a catalyst for shaping strong, resilient organizations

Employers face an array of new challenges in the 21st-century workplace. Help them respond innovatively to these challenges with a master’s in industrial and organizational psychology from Walden. Contribute to your organization’s success, effectiveness, and bottom line through coursework grounded in practical application.

Virtual Reality Simulations

Through Mursion, meet with “clients” in real-time VR scenarios. Practice skills in realistic situations you’ll encounter in the workplace.

Expert Faculty

Be mentored—and inspired—by highly qualified faculty who bring real-world insights to the classroom.

Develop Critical Skills

Learn about assessments. Discover how to evaluate results and deliver feedback—key skills for an I/O practitioner.

BCC Preparation

In the Evidence-Based Coaching specialization, you can pursue the academic requirements and coaching experience required for the BCC exam.

Program Savings

Course-Based: Receive up to a $3,000 Grant and $100 Book Voucher if you reside in the U.S. and start this program on November 29, 2021. Contact one of our Enrollment Specialists to learn more.

Tempo Learning®: Receive up to a $2,000 Grant if you reside in the U.S. and start this program on November 1, 2021. Contact one of our Enrollment Specialists to learn more.

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Two Ways to Learn

Choose from two degree completion options that are both designed for working professionals.

The course-based format may be a good option for you if you prefer an instructor-led approach and learning on a predetermined schedule.

Walden University Tempo Learning® Tempo Learning® is an alternative way to earn your Walden degree. It’s different from our standard course-based learning because you can work at a pace that makes sense for you, and progress once you’ve shown you understand a subject. With Tempo Learning®, you have the flexibility of online learning, plus the ability to personalize and control the length, cost, and pacing of your program.


General Practice

Build the foundational skills needed to launch a career as an I/O psychology practitioner.

Course-Based Learning Tempo

Consulting Psychology

Gain the business perspectives and specialized I/O expertise to step into the field of organizational and professional development consulting.

Evidence-Based Coaching

Prepare to sit for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) exam through 100% virtual curriculum and training.

Human Resource Management

This specialization is a blend of competencies required for both HR practitioners and I/O psychology practitioners.

International Business

Deepen your knowledge of workplace and organizational behavior to help create work environments in which employees and organizations can reach their full potential.


This option is ideal if you want maximum flexibility to design a program that closely matches your personal and professional goals.

Admission Requirements

Program Admission Considerations: A bachelor's degree or higher.

General Admission Requirements: Completed online application and transcripts. Please note that the materials you are required to submit may vary depending on the academic program to which you apply. More information for international applicants.

Help Build Better Organizations

With an I/O psychology master’s from Walden, you’ll be ready to confront the challenges of today’s global workplace and serve as a change agent for organizations across all industries. Explore issues of critical importance to employees, businesses, and society—such as workplace readiness, performance management, and work-life balance. Prepare for real-world practice through actionable learning and instruction from faculty who are active professionals in the I/O psychology field.

Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of Walden’s online MS in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology program, you will be prepared to:

  • Describe behavior using current theory and research in industrial and organizational psychology.
  • Articulate the uniqueness of the industrial/organizational psychology specialization including the history specific to this specialization.
  • Discuss how key industrial and organizational issues impact organizations (i.e., issues such as selection, performance management, performance measurement, job analysis, individual behavior, leadership, motivation, organizational culture, work teams, and/or job attitudes).
  • Explain the principles of basic research methods.
  • Appropriately summarize the role of research in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.
  • Apply ethical organizational intervention practices.
  • Appropriately select effective organizational interventions based on empirical evidence.
  • Summarize the influence of diverse populations on individual, group, and organizational behavior.
  • Apply principles of industrial and organizational psychology to scholarly and/or professional activities to promote lifelong learning.
  • Engage in practices that result in positive social change.

What’s the Career Impact of Earning an MS in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for industrial and organizational psychology practitioners are expected to surge 13% through 2028.1 Earning your I/O psychology master’s degree can position you as a highly desirable job candidate, whether you’re seeking a promotion or new career opportunities.

Find Your Opportunity in a Dynamic Field

With a master’s in I/O psychology from Walden, you can play a key role in an organization’s ability to compete, grow, and thrive in a changing work landscape. Potential career roles include vice president, director, manager, principal, or consultant in the areas of:

  • Organizational development / effectiveness / capability
  • Workforce insights
  • Human resources / human resources research / employee relations
  • Training and development / coaching and development / leadership development
  • Selection systems
  • Evaluation and assessment / testing
  • Leadership research
  • Applied behavioral research

You can also pursue the role of community college faculty, teaching the subjects of industrial and organizational psychology, organizational psychology, industrial psychology, work psychology, (general) psychology, management, organizational behavior, and industrial relations.

Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this online MS in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology degree program.

Elevate Your Earning Potential

Earning your I/O psychology master’s degree can potentially lead to higher earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for industrial and organizational psychology practitioners was $97,260 in May 2018.1


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